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Date: February 18th, 2003
Subject: re: re: re: Hi!

Yeeeeah, about this phrase you keep using, "under control." Remember how I mentioned waiting to find out what the First Evil was up to, since we can't kill something we can't even touch? We can pretty much stick a fork in waity. Buffy did a thing with a thing (sorry, little Slayer technical jargon there) and wham bam thank you annoying ancient Watcher dudes, she got a vision of what's coming.

You got a ride home you can flag down, you guys just *might* want to risk it, bad politics or not. At the very least, get the frak off this coast, okay? Because if we don't beat this thing, Earth'll be the Planet of the Uber-Vamps, and they'll all come pouring out of Sunnydale. It's got an army of them down there in the Hellmouth, under the seal in the school basement.

There's thousands of them, Buffy thinks. We're not sure what *it's* waiting for now. Special phase of the moon? Sweeps week? Wendy The Werewolf Stalker finale?

Whatever it is, I think it's coming soon. The seal's getting all wacky - they closed down the school again because it was making everything that was *always* crazy about it a hundred times worse. Like "exploding students" worse. You know it's got to be bad when people are lining up to leave a town that writes off vampires, werewolves and demons as biker gangs on crack and goes on about their business.

I think maybe we might have a shot, though, because the thing is... I think the First is scared that it *won't* win. It's trying too hard. It caught one of the potential Slayers away from the rest of the group yesterday. Stayed with her all night up in one of the bedrooms, whispering to her about exactly how she'd end up dying if she stuck it out with Buffy and wouldn't it be easier just to get it over with now, quick and painless. If Dawn hadn't been paying attention and noticed that she wasn't down in the living room with the rest of them, she might've done it before we got to her.

Creepy as all get-out, sorry, but my point is this thing's supposed to be all-powerful evil, can go anywhere, mess with anybody, right? It doesn't need to be wasting its time with one scared kid, unless it was trying to get to us. Which duh, you say, but hi, it's got an army of prehistoric monsters. It doesn't *need* to get to us. Unless there's something we can do to stop it.

So, you know. Wish us luck. But also move to Antarctica, 'kay? Just in case.



Date: February 18th, 2003
Subject: Just wanted to say

You really are extraordinary. Just in case your version of me never told you that. Or even if he did.


Date: 2006-12-06 09:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
[yaaaay on saving Chloe. And awwww on the email to Dawn. And wooooot, S7 progresses!]


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