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To: bridge.carson, willow.rosenberg, dawn.summers, peter.pevensie, peter.parker, isabel.evans, elizabeth.delgado, veruca.cally, samuel.anders //
Date: May 3rd, 2002
Subject: Graduation

For the record, I do know I'm in your past and if my e-mails ever get through at all, it might not be for another 20-some years and you're all 40+ and balding (...except maybe not the girls because that's really hard to picture). But it's been two years for *me*, so for the sake of not making my head hurt from the math (and me not having to picture *any* of you balding), I'm gonna play like it's been that long for you guys, m'kay? And I don't even know exactly when you'd be graduating because the dates are different, so I'm going for early instead of late.

Wow, that was a lot of leadup for "Hey, I miss you guys and I hope you're all ok, and I'm damn proud of you even if I'm not there to see what I'm being proud of."

Hey, I miss you guys and I hope you're all ok, and I'm damn proud of you even if I'm not there to see what I'm being proud of.

Wish I could - if I could pick a time and be there for just one thing, it'd be to see your class graduate. Since I can't, though, here's hoping you get this someday. Take care of yourselves and each other, and keep in touch if you can. I know you're all going off to other places and different dimensions even, but from somebody who's been there, knowing you've got friends makes all the difference.


To: bridge.carson, dawn.summers, m.parker, isabel.evans, callisto ///
Date: May 3rd, 2002
Subject: Graduation II, See Me Not Making The Boogaloo Joke? Cookies plz.

Been a while, yeah, sorry. I know I don't write as much as I did at first, 'cause at some point it got to be more about me having somebody to talk at than really believing you'd ever get them, and things are better here now - I don't need that quite as much. But I do still think about you, and sometimes there's just stuff that I couldn't say to anybody else, or I couldn't go *without* saying to you, even if you never hear it. And I'm kind of going on faith not dirty that your connection to FH is better than mine after you leave, and they'll forward this stuff on if it shows up.

So anyway yeah. In case you wondered how things are in Xander-land, it really is better. I kind of graduated too, except for the part where I'm still taking classes. The construction management thing has an associate's degree after two years, though, so I've got a piece of paper that... mostly lets me do the stuff at work that I've already been doing, and makes the boss point to me when they need a monkey in a suit to go talk to the client.

Means I get a bit more money, too, enough for a better apartment. Just the one roomie shut up, I'm so not getting into the Faith thing that is not a Thing except it kind of is with anybody but Bridge OMG now, 'cause Larry found a place of his own. Actually taking a break from unpacking, since I'm all alone and kind of bored. Buffy and Giles and said roomie took a flight to London yesterday to go talk to the Watcher's Council about ... not sending said roomie back to her previous apartment. You know, the one with the bars on the windows. Which yay, go keeping Faith out of prison and *boy* would I be staring at me like I was crazy if I saw me typing that three years ago, but it'd be awful quiet around here with her gone. Much like now.

Ought to head out to help patrol, though, since you know both Slayers out of town in May means the Hellmouth is gonna choose today to start spewing purple demonic lava or something.



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