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5 times Xander and Faith surprised each other (dirty)

When she looked in the box under the bed, way back when, that he told her to stay out of - which didn't surprise him at all - and her only reaction to the thing that wasn't handcuffs was, "...huh. You got a harness for that?"

When he said, "..." followed by "Dear God no!" - which didn't surprise her at all - but a week later turned the color of cherry-tomatoes, handed her a discreetly unlabeled package with no return-address, and said nothing at all.

When she was staring blatantly across Buffy's living room at Robin Wood and licking her bottom lip, and he leaned over and whispered, "Go for it," then swallowed the rest of his Twinkie and added, "Take notes."

When he was sweeping up glass from the third broken window of the week and sneaking peeks at Principal Diamond-Stud's arms on the sly and she walked up behind him and said, "You go for it," then pinched him on the ass and added, "Take pictures."

When they sat on Buffy's couch later with Faith's head resting on his knees and talked about those arms in lovingly blunt detail and knew without saying that neither of them was ever going to go for it - which surprisingly didn't surprise them at all - and Larry threw a pillow at them and said "What the hell am I, chopped liver?" and huh, the prices at the Sunnydale Motor Inn hadn't gone up that much and WOW was that weekend ever Faith's Best Birthday Ever.

[OOC: NWS, if only in an implicit manner. And no, I did not make Parker write that with me. :-P]

Date: 2006-12-05 07:24 am (UTC)
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[still wishing I had. *loves on implications and happy Faith & Xander]


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