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Birthdate:May 3
Website:Xander's New Journal
[--------------------------Character Information:-----------------------------------]

Name: Xander Harris, transfer from Sunnydale High School to [info]fandomhigh.

Age: 19202122232425 26.

Class: Alumni. ZOMG Fandom High graduate, Class of 2006. UC Sunnydale Class of 2004, hopefully*. Which makes sense if your first high school got shut down just before graduation due to Act of Snake and they shipped all the students off to other schools. Some of which weren't so much in the same dimension. Or...time. That's how I ended up in Fandom, re-taking my senior year. You know what? Wouldn't give it back if you paid me. Well, maybe I'd give my first roommate back, but not therest.

* ...okay maybe not. What with the sinkhole now.


This journal is inactive (but still contains everything for Xander through mid-January 2007).
Xander can now be located at [info]needsaparrot. Same player; Xander is now actively back in the game and just has a new journal due to icon-space limitations.

(Current contact post)

(Player E-mail:soldtoarmenians at

Older Info:

Previous Residences
Senior Year Classes
Summer 2006 Workshop Instructor: Scoobying 101

Yearbook (As far as I'm concerned, if your character was here after yearbooks got passed out in Spring 2006 and before Xander left, feel free to sign it whenever you like, real-time, as long as what you write is set before Sept. 2006 and doesn't conflict with established continuity.)

Old Voicemails/Emails: At FH | While out of contact (These bounced, but were eventually received when he returned to Fandom, six years later for him.)

[----------------------Out of Character notes: -------------------------------]

Fandom:Buffy the Vampire Slayer - verse.

Disclaimer: Roleplaying journal, see [info]fandomhigh for more information. Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel etc. characters belong to Joss Whedon et al, et cetera, ad nauseum infinitum.

Character Info Posts:Student | Current

Random stuff: Feel free to text me for your amusement or mine if you can see the link, which everybody in-game can, I think; just don't try to actually arrange stuff via textmessage, since I don't always have my phone on.

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