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The door's open, but there's a whiteboard propped on a box in the hallway next to it that says,

    "Last night in 406 before I move down to the first floor. Wander in if you want, unless you're a vampire. There's foodity. ~Xander (the one without the accent)"

Inside, Xander's desktop is pretty much empty of everything but a selection of snacks and drinks. Xander's side of the room is pretty close to empty, and on the wall where his posters used to be, a multilingual robot doggie is projecting a marathon of The Real World: Springfield.

Xander's bed is shoved up against one wall, pillows thrown around to make it couchlike for sitting thereupon. As you do.

Inside, you'd find Xander, Isabel, and Bridge hanging out. And RIC, of course.

{OOC - open for visitors and hanging out. Hopefully not 1000+ comments worth, though! WTF, Common Rooms, WTF?}

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Xander sat on the edge of his bed, laptop on his knee. He wasn't typing, or reading really either, though he was scanning up and down a snarky review of the latest Mr. What episode and idly noting where he should be cracking up if he were actually paying attention to it. Which he wasn't. He was mostly just... not taking down posters.

[Open for visitors after Isabel leaves; just if Willow's here, nobody else is; you either came before or after her.]
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There was a ribbit somewhere, but it was wayyyyyyy too early to get up. Xander snuggled in under his covers and pulled a pillow over his head.

Except there was a ribbit somewhere again. Ribbits meant breakfast time. Breakfast time meant getting up, because you can't have a pet if you don't take good care of it, even if you want to sleep and it's going ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.

Xander sighed and untangled himself from his blanket, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and... falling on the floor with a THUMP.

OW!!! )

[OOC: Pre-played with [ profile] izzyalienqueen. Weetiny!Xander is on the loose (as is always-wee Jeremiah); weetiny!Isabel is not here. ONLY A SCARY BEAR IS HERE. STAY AWAY. Unless you are OOC. OOC people need not fear the scary bear.]

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Xander? Totally studying for Creature Languages.

By remote viewing, obviously, since his book is on his bed, his notes are in the laptop next to his book, and he is across the room from both, using a froggie treat tied to a pencil to try to teach Jeremiah how to dance to the Movie With Kevin Bacon In It That There Just Is No Good Meta Name For That's Simultaneously A Dancing Pun And A Pun On The Real Name soundtrack.

It's possible he's lost his mind due to finals week stress, of course. Or maybe he just had a really good day yesterday. After all, he built a swing-bed for a holographic dinosaur in Shop and watched his possibly b-word person be cute, got free study time in Magical Theory which he actually used for study, omg, visited the library where he finally got a library card and made it in and out of Special Collections without having to be rescued, then totally lost at cupcakes in the Common Room, woe. Except not.

It's possible the song playing is not the title song which scans a lot better in his dimension for some reason. It's possible Xander is grinning a lot, and it's possible that every so often he is glancing around to make sure no one is watching, then demonstrating the step he's trying to teach Jeremiah.

It would probably help if the door weren't open, huh.

[ooc: *waves* Bored. The post, like the door, is open. It's set when Best Roomie Ever is in class, but iffen she wants to use it after class/gym, be my guest. And since Xander's 3rd period class is semi-cancelled, he's pretty much around all morning.]
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Only in Fandom can you have subject lines like that, dude.

Xander ducked into his room from the party, where Isabel was still presumably hanging out, and where he'd just left Bridge. He grabbed the presents he'd bought at IKEA from his closet, tapped Jeremiah's tank and said, "Stop snickering at me; I can see you rolling your eyes, you know," then headed out again, down to Bridge's room.
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There is a closet here. Yeah, yeah, blah blah make your puns while you can. The point is that Xander is standing in front of it. Very very possibly flailing.

[Open for someone else who lives here. I'd say open for anybody who wanted to stop by and harrass him, but zomg running late, so no.]
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It's... entirely possible that someone randomly happened to stay up late enough to listen to the live radio broadcast instead of downloading it, for a change.

It's vaguely possible that someone -- alongside the breakfast muffins for his apparently passed-out-over-her-homework roomie -- brought home extra coffee just so he'd be awake that late, but there's really no way you could ever prove that.

{Open for Teh Roomie whenever she awakens, if so desired.}
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After hitting the brunch to save the Teal Deer yesterday morning and talking with Blair about environmental activism and brainsucking (as you do) and Callisto and Angela about scrapbooking (as you... well, no, you don't actually do if you don't actually want to get killinated by Angel and Marty, but talking is still pretty much okay) Xander had checked his e-mail in the afternoon to find a message about Molly's birthday. Unlike the one informing him of Jaye's party, he hadn't been busy trying to avoid going to hell when it arrived, and so was forewarned, and after some quality handwavied NPC shopping time, forearmed. Thus, presents, which sat, relatively neatly wrapped in terms of there being no visible rips in the paper except for that one that he covered pretty well with the scotch tape, yeah, on the desk next to his laptop.

Now, yawning, he puttered about the room preparing to head off for Shop.

[open for Teh Roomie yay, or for all your later 406 needs]

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But, you know, a little more after classes than that other after classes over in Janet's room.

Today the Music of Pain was Ray Stevens. Who was allegedly non-depressing, and only sometimes country, and fell under the MoP umbrella only because this was Beside Myself, which had 1.5 decent songs on it, and neither of them was Butterfly Inside A Coupe DeVille which was currently playing because Xander couldn't be assed to get up and hit skip.

{Locked to zie roommate, ohyes. Contents of discussion NFB; any sudden and moody departures -- *whistles* -- fair game.}
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There was a towel tossed across Xander's desk chair, and Bitterwoman, season 2, on pause on the laptop. It'd been on pause most of the day, not that you'd know that if you walked in. Not that you'd be walking in, because the door was locked, The Highwaymen were not on pause, Xander was flopped on his bed with a book in front of him but staring at nothing, pretty much like he had been all day, and if you knocked, he probably wouldn't answer.

Of course if you had a key...

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Not in the places that matter...

Speak for yourself, John.

Xander raised an eyebrow at the radio, then lowered it again. Several times.

And then went back to being in an inexplicably cheerful mood, despite the fact that he was lying on his bed flipping through a printout of A Midsummer Night's Dream and totally should have been plotting Jake Gavin's early demise, or at least looking forward to watching Callisto carry it out. But nope. Cheerful. Possibly even humming. Possibly even humming O Canada. Possibly even in Inuktitut.
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Within, there was a Xander. Who was sort of awake. In that 'sitting at the desk, staring at your Art History book and not really seeing anything, even the Naked Venus On the Half-Shell centerfold in the Early Renaissance section you just flipped through yet again' way.

There could be coffee, but that would require movement.
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After checking his incoming e-mail left Xander thinking "Ouch, dude, my sympathies" at the evidence that Marty had fallen victim to the stupidity of drunken e-mailing this weekend too, and checking his outgoing e-mail at least verified that his own example of that had only been misdirected to Parker and not, say, the entire student body, Xander actually considered ... homework.

Yes, he felt his forehead again; still no fever.

Crap, though, because he'd never collected up the stuff he was supposed to get for his Survival Kit in Shop, and that was due tomorrow.

Leaving a note ) for Isabel, he made sure he had the credit card from Professor MacGyver, and headed into town.
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Xander, after a long nap in his own bed, emerged from the shower a little more awake, if not less braindead. Certainly cleaner, at least, and a toothbrush and some minty-somethingorother took care of the remains of the funeral party in his mouth, even if the construction was still proceeding loudly in his skull.

He came out of the bathroom in clean clothes to find Isabel had taken off to set up for her game night party, and headed for his desk to see if he couldn't find another handful of Excedrin to file that final cease and desist order for the noisy carpenters.

{ooc - for Parker; conversation NFB, though the fact that she was there is fair game.}
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With Xander flipped out about something or other, taking off for God knows where and still not back yet, it was up to Jeremiah to protect Room 406. So he did. Vigilantly. Except for that one bit where he got a little distracted. But mostly? Completely on the ball. Ribbit.


{ooc - mostly to appease the frog's OCD, but if roomie wants to use it as a room post, feel free.}
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Xander woke up to the sound of a querulous ribbit. Not to his alarm, because dude. Friday. No class until after lunch. Not to Isabel's alarm because he'd learned to tune it out pretty damn quick on days when she had earlier classes than him. But worried frog? That had him sitting up in bed.

Wah? )

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After returning from Creature Languages, Xander sighed, and settled down to cleaning up at least some of the debris from this morning's Great Muppet Chicken Capers. He glanced up at Jeremiah, who regarded him calmly from his tank. "You know, considering you just hid in there and let Isabel and me defend our territory when they attacked, you'd think you'd at least offer to help with the cleanup..." he said jokingly.

The fact that Jeremiah stuck his tongue out just then had to be complete coincidence.

"Whatevah...." Xander pulled yet another muppet feather out from behind Jeremiah's tank, and rolled his eyes. The things were everywhere - he could probably stuff a pillow with what he'd collected so far, though he'd rather just stuff whoever thought it was a brilliant idea to let them loose in the dorms into a pillow, and drop them from the 4th floor common room window...

He turned at a knock on his door. "If you're a vampire or a muppet chicken, you're not invited. Otherwise, come on in; it's unlocked... )

{NFB. Locked to [ profile] veronicamars1; pre-played via e-mail, and still going on in the comments.}
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{backdated, purely for linky historical purposes. NFB, since it's not actual RP, just a summary. Also filled with incredible laziness in terms of not even trying to turn it into a narrative.}

Morning in Room 406: Xander got flashed OMG!

In the afternoon, he took his new laptop into Ms. Calendar's office for a little help, and somehow ended up being offered a TA position in Magical Theory.

Later, he dropped by Caritas to leave a birthday gift for Parker.
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{backdated, purely for linky historical purposes.}

After getting back from Sunnydale and checking his e-mail on his new toy, Xander met a horse, a girl, and a monkey in the stairwell, then found out that he had an allegedly apparently non-hallucinatory new roommate. Of the two-X-chromasomey type.

Also, there was something on the loudspeaker about school siblings that Xander had a vague memory of having mentioned he might be willing to sign up for if someone threatened him bodily. Considering that bodily threats were part of the announcement, Xander guessed there was a pretty good chance his name was going to show up on that list of the new principal's, but he'd deal with that tomorrow. After there'd been sleep. And some more checking for gremlin bites in less obvious places. Like the shower.


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