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Dear Willow )

...well that killed... five minutes. Xander sighed. If he stayed in this room much longer, he was going to end up vacuuming the bedspread, he realized. Not that he could by any stretch of the imagination be described as a cleaning-freak - he'd just been trying to make the place reasonably nice for this evening, which in Xanderese meant 'at least not a disaster area.' Somehow that turned into a battle with the stuff he'd spilled all over while working on his project thingy, though, and in the age-old war between humans and glitter, it ain't ever the monkeyboys that win. The fact that Bridge was off with his Flight workshop and the whole non-disaster-area effort was in fact for his benefit wasn't exactly helping Xander avoid obsessing, either.

So he seriously needed to get out of here before he went stir-crazy. Town could be a thing.
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He'd found the package outside his door when he'd left the lobby on Friday afternoon, but the whole Shirtless Friday thing had kind of distracted Xander from a lot of stuff. Like unpacking half the boxes still scattered around his new room, or doing more than setting the wrapped package on his desk next to Jeremiah's tank.

Now, though, after sprinkling some dried don't-really-wanna-think-about-what-it-used-to-be into Jeremiah's tank, Xander reached for the flat, paper-wrapped package, and, after checking for anything obvious that looked like it might turn him blue or change him into a marmoset, pulled the paper off. Within was a framed manuscript page. )

...allergies, man. Totally allergies that made him sniff as he dug into the hardware box that he hadn't yet unpacked into a desk drawer, and found a set of dorm-safe adhesive frame hangers.

After that, though he'd planned on doing some more unpacking, Xander smiled, sat down at his desk, and typed out an e-mail: )

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Graduation (Monday the 8th)

Xander was most likely to what? ...Okayfairenoughpossibly. Meanwhile, whoa, Spydaddy Principal Bristow was out in the audience. So was Willow , of course, talking to Isabel, Bridge, some alien-or-demon-guy who kept pointing at Ivanova, and, Xander was fairly sure he should be worried about this, Parker. Oh yeah, there was also some processing, diploma-accepting, giant-gremlin-fighting and partying. As you do. At graduations.

Welcome Party (Tuesday the 9th)

After picking up his new first floor room assignment, Xander ended up meeting someone who said she was Buffy's sister, and breaking his principal-streak, letting Rory know what he knew about her and you-know-who except not that you-know-who, and meeting Bridge's new fellow SPD cadet. And breaking her brain.
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From: xander.harris@fandomhigh.ednet
Subject: Stuff You Should Know About Fandom Before You Get Here

Dear Willow: )
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Unsent letter, written on the back of an Art History handout, in green highlighter ink. Mostly illegible, of course, but this is what Xander thinks it says:

Deer Willow: )
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Saturday morning, Xander's inbox: )

Sigh. Well, at least he had the excuse that one of those was sent while he was in class yesterday, being really , really busy. Making Angel's unlife miserable glitter flags.

Dear Willow: )
Dear Xander: )
Dear Willow: )
Dear Xander: )
Dear Willow: )
Dear Xander: )
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In Shop, Xander helped Nadia learn about the Lorax except 'help' might be the wrong verb there, made some festive flags for the castle set, and actually did help Nadia with her, um. Flingenation. Of fairy dust. Which he was still covered with when he went to Magical Theory. During which his ears were not remotely burning, because it's already been demonstrated that Xander? Sucks at psychic.

Later there was play rehearsal, and later still, in the common room there was Vanessa Saturn, which was new to Xander's time-warped eyes, plus the apparently now-requisite torture by Rory who is mean and evil and Faithful who is a cat so that's kinda redundant, discussion of temporal displacement with both Bridge and Krycek, an artistic question from Jake and the random appearance of Ninja Vin Diesel.

But not, of course, Ninja Vin Diesel's boyfriend. Because that would just be weird.
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Xander dropped one of the few remaining chocolate-covered locusts into Jeremiah's tank, and winced as he watched the frog enthusiastically gobble it down. "That, by the way," he said aloud, "Is disgusting. I hope you understand how much I like you, that I'm willing to even touch those things."

Jeremiah gave what Xander sadly suspected was the froggy equivalent of a satisfied belch. Then looked at him with big froggy eyes. Well, ok, tiny bulbous froggy eyes.

"No, and you're not gonna be guilting Isabel into stuffing your face with them this week, either." Xander glanced over at her empty bed with a frown.

The croak that followed might have seemed a little mournful, and that might have been about the lack of more locusts, and it might not, but Xander nodded as he went back to checking his e-mail. "Yeah, me too."

Huh, he thought as he opened one from Janet. It seemed like this was the week for impromptu surprise parties, what with Nadia's last night. Somehow Xander doubted that Angel's was likely to have sandy candy or bulldozer cake, but he supposed he ought to show anyway. If nothing else, it'd keep him out of the empty-except-for-the-frog room tonight. Ribbits aside, the place was still too quiet.

Jeremiah was still looking at him hopefully as he packed up the laptop and got ready to leave for play rehearsal, but Xander shook his head. "No, dude. N.O. No more locusts for you."

Eyes. Big sad froggy eyes.

"Okay, maybe half a lo--" Xander covered his mouth with his hand, and possibly turned a little bit the color Jeremiah used to be. "No. The phrase 'half a locust' does not belong in any normal person's vocabulary. No."

He closed the door behind him, to the sound of a guilt-inducing *ribbit*.
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Things that are almost emo, but that would be ridiculous: In Xander's dresser drawer, there's an envelope hiding underneath his collection of mateless socks. Xander doesn't know what's in it; he walked out of Angel's clinic room with a folded-up note and after twenty seconds standing on the sidewalk outside the clinic, twitching it back and forth in his fingers, resisting the uge to look, he walked straight into the Fandom Post Office, bought a blank envelope, stuffed the note inside, sealed it, and with a borrowed pen, wrote "BUFFY" on the front. Maybe someday he'll open it, once he knows it isn't needed, or maybe he'll just burn the thing. It's a little disturbing how much he really hopes he gets to make that call.

Things that are not emo at all: The 2nd floor common room. Chinese food. Plotting against Ms. Skeeter. Being laughed at by Callistieo. Superpowers. Jaye. Pirates. Ninjas.

La la la...

Mar. 8th, 2006 06:51 pm
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Subject: re: Yay I'm In England Also HELP


    ...sort of?

    love from an entire dimension away and you can't get me, HA ha,

    P.S. SKEETER???
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Subject: re: Yay I'm In England Also HELP

Dear Willow )

Xander stopped typing for a moment, unzipped his suitcase, and dug into the pocket of yesterday's jeans for Willow's card; good thing he'd remembered or it probably would've gone through the wash. He unfolded it--

--and was, OMG, hugged. As real and solid as if someone were actually grabbing him: the feel of slender arms around him that packed a surprising amount of breath-stealing oomph, the scent of Suave green apple shampoo under his nose and smooth, soft hair tickling his chin as a head was laid against his shoulder for an all-too-brief moment, before there was nothing. He tried folding the card up and unfolding it again, but apparently it was a one-time only deal. Dam--



    possibly murdering you in a loving way,

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Subject: re: Yay I'm In England Also HELP

Dear Xander )
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Xander sat with his laptop, now detangled from Pippi's crystal ball, and shook his head as he opened his e-mail program and modded the fact that Willow totally had the computer refitted for both British and Amrican power and wireless before she gave it to him.

Could he possibly have a normal vacation? Was it possible to even think that sentence without bursting into hysterical giggles and making everybody crammed into Marty and Angela's room look at him even funnier than they usually did? Noooo. Instead, Angel had to go and get poisoned, and Not-the-Scoobies, UK edition (otherwise known as FHUK), had figured out that they should try to find the current HQ for the Watchers' Council to see if they had anything helpful. Using Willow's hacked WC files to consult Pippi's crystal ball and a call to Giles had netted them an address, and they were currently making plans to head off there.

Xander, meanwhile, was taking a second to breathe, and send an e-mail.

Dear Willow )


Mar. 4th, 2006 02:54 pm
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Xander didn't get a lot of sleep after hitting Jake and Logan's party last night, but he still managed to drag himself down to the front gates the next day to sign-in
and leave for the trip to England. After a surprisingly short but bumpy bus ride, he checked in to the fancy-liek-whoa hotel, then headed off to dinner with Rory, Marty, Angela, Parker, Jaye, and Zero, followed up by a trip to the London Eye, wherein there was far too much discussion of -- quell your shock -- boykissing.
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Subject: re: re: Catching up, etc.

Dear Willow:

delete key
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With Xander flipped out about something or other, taking off for God knows where and still not back yet, it was up to Jeremiah to protect Room 406. So he did. Vigilantly. Except for that one bit where he got a little distracted. But mostly? Completely on the ball. Ribbit.


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Xander ( slammed out of his room ) carrying a whiteboard and a black dry-erase marker under his arm, heading for... well... anywhere away from there. Anywhere that hopefully contained no singing.

He may have looked a little odd, what with the large piece of duct tape over his mouth.

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After waking up on Friday to a worried frog, a blizzard outside, and a startling drop in temperature especially for a California boy, Xander hit the cafeteria to pick up food for the weekend, instead of venturing into town. Then there was... well, there was something, in Professor Car's class that involved Angela being a boy and Xander climbing on Lee's shirtless back and groping his whoa hi arms, but it was for art, OMG, ok?

And then there were snowmonsters... )

Luckily, someone brave and strong and oblivious to subtext finally happened past the closet on Sunday morning, after the fighting and the partying was long over, to help Xander come out, even if they did get a little messy (and cause a little property damage) in the process before heading home to the showers afterwards. (Luckingly the Best Roomie Ever had fed Jeremiah while Xander was trapped in the closet, YAYE!)

After he was all clean and shiny, Xander followed up on a note he'd found left for him by someone with girly handwriting, and headed off to Angel's room for some purely platonic totally NFB goings-on. Which had very little NOTHING to do with scrapbooking.

The End.

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It hadn't exactly been the most exciting of days, though it'd been a decent one in terms of no demons in Xander's locker, no [ profile] dontcallmeelis weevils in his Captain Crunch, and getting away (he hoped) with cannibalizing an old essay from Journalism in Shop class. It was cannibalism of TRIBUTE, man. Tribute to duct tape, and to Spider J.

Plus during his empty third period, Xander finally located the TAs' Lounge, and chatted with Sam and Angel. But not about pranking the newbies, because that would be wrong.

And while Magical Theory had brought up some *cough* uncomfortable memories of witchcraft-related issues, it'd still been a good class - how could an hour where they were invited to trash The Craft not be?

So not a day of suckage either. He ended it by hanging in his room, listening to The Best of the Dr. Demento Show on his CD drive, wondering if frogs had taste in music since they didn't have visible ears, and surfing the net for porn highly educational purposes. At least until he wasn't alone any longer... Ah, Command+Tab, a friend you are to me...

Of course, the radio broadcast had sounded a little weird and kinda gay, but he'd been pretty much asleep when he'd heard it, so he couldn't really remember why...


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