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Okay, so Xander only had one final, 5th & 6th period. But it was the big Art final that he gave up on studying for. Probably good, that, since it turned out that the test was to really fake steal some fake art. Xander teamed up with Jake, Angela, Bridge, and Krycek, learned things about Bridge that he did not know before and possibly never wanted to know, but possibly not and wandered over to totally steal OMG not steal The Scream. Hopefully with style.

Later in Music 201, which Xander is not in, there were shenanigans of a heist-like variety too, but Xander knows nothing about that.

Well, not much. Really. O:-)


Apr. 18th, 2006 04:07 pm
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Yuh-huh. Have you met a Tuesday in Xander's life when anything happened besides History of Art? Though granted stuff happened in History of Art. If by stuff you mean Xander was totally supposed to be checking in History of Art, yeah.
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There was a sort of, um, well, anyway, and that so didn't go as planned, or really, well, go at all, but at least it didn't un-go, it just kind of... yeah. anyway.

And also there was homework or something.
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So naturally there was painting on people and a little bit of staring, and then later there were, not so coincidentally, painted people in the common room. And a little bit of staring.

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Art History featured sharing of flags and teasinating of Rory with a side-order of backdrop-painting.

Music -- which Xander is not in, so he was not there, saw an appearance by the elusive Twinkie-thief. And some people in leather pants (and skirt yay go Ninja Vin Diesel). This is a complete coincidence. And also Xander was not there.

He was in the common room just long enough to follow Rory and a bunch of other people off to Bridge's place for a game of I Never. Which he totally won. Not because he was the last person to pass out, but because he was smart enough not to touch the spacevodka, and that so counts as winninating in Xander's book.

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History of Art was attendinated. There were dementedated nuns. In the lobby, Diefenbaker was giftinated. Also some guy with a hat was there. In the 2nd floor Common room , Callisto, Peter, Parker who is not Peter, Bridge, Rory and Jaye were talkinated to. Rory and Jaye were blaminated for the inateding. Rory might not have entirely deservinated it, but then again, she showinated Xander pictures of Aye-Aye John a demon from hell on her cellphone, so maybe she did.

The passive voice was useinated.

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In the art studio, Xander signed in using an attached hand, and-- whoa. Girlkissy.

Later, in the Common room, Xander was finally clued in to the fact that he is the possessed TV. Of course, so was Parker. Clued in, not a TV. Also? OMGWTFPolysyllabic!
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Art Studio, in which decorations for the big Valentine's Day dance were made. You know the Valentine's Day that Xander already decided should really be Just Another Day? Ah well; stick figure people need love too, as Barbossa pointed out.

E-mail from Mac (Gyver, not the other one) in which Xander was invited to blow things up. Because sometimes Fandom is a good place to live.

Jenny's office hours, a time of much joy and celebration. No, really. Totally and seriously relieved. *frets, avoids human contact for the next day*
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Traditionally? Not the best day for Xander Harris. Not that he was feeling bitter or emo or in any way cribbing from his ex, because that would require reading her bitter emo mind, and Xander lacked that power.. Ms. Calendar had done a fine job of reminding him exactly why, yesterday - which hit he'd taken like a very manly man, because yeah. Stupid and Xander are intimately acquainted, and not in the way that means you leave a scarf tied around the door handle to warn your roomie that you and Stupid are gettin' down to some funky scrapbookin' in the room, and she might wanna hit the Common Room for a while. A couple floors away.

Which... sounded like not that bad of an idea, if he actually didn't want to get bitter and emo about his current lack of a partner for any art projects besides the ones in Professor Car's class. Xander shook his head, grabbed his present from the roomie and, after a thoughtful glance at his desk, Jeremiah's tank-handle.

"Come on, pal. Let's go hang out with the other losers. Not that I need cheering up, but you look like you could use the company. You're kinda shading toward indigo there."

Granted, that might've been the result of that last can of amphibi-sticks with the funny black label that said 'Made in Ry'leh, contents may arise from the sunken depths and herald the return of the Great Old Ones. Get a free shub-niggurathling with three proofs of purchase and the soul of your firstborn tadpole.' Or not.

Together, they headed for the 2nd floor Common Room.
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ZOMG! Can it be? Is there such a thing as twinkie overload? (406, after lunch)
History of Art (studio) (5th and 6th period)
This might be a commando raid, yes. Of a sort. (Music 201, 7th period. Which Xander? Is not in.)
ZOMG! Apparently, it can be. News at 11: Xander Harris buys something with no added sugar. With a little help from his friends. (2nd floor common room, after classes)
Jenny Calendar's office hours (Just afterwards. See, Xander had this idea....)
Why oh why does everything in this school turn to boykissing or the talk thereof? (common room, later that evening)
Why oh why didn't Xander go home and cuddle with his frog when he had the chance? (Rory's room, directly after)
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A wee bit of computing... (4th period) - in which Xander may have sent a distracted e-mail or two.
Art History (5th & 6th period) - in which Our Heroes Did Things With Doughnuts.
Study Group: Checking in with the Support Team (after 6th period) - in which someone was hugged by someone's ex-girlfriend, beers were mentioned, and there was a cat who might have been right, but Xander will never admit it, yo.
Study-group: Mountie-distraction (evening, during the vampire hunts party) - in which. Well, in which. Indeed.
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Art History, wherein Xander did not think about Lee Adama's shirt or the lack thereof, and the Romans sucked.
Lunch - wherein Xander is clearly going to Hell because he exchanged fortune-cookie-based innuendo with Pippi Longstocking.
Yet another e-mail from Rory Gilmore re: Sekrit Girly Shopping Trip For Study Group.
Meeting in the library, wherein Xander coined studly new words and did not remotely bemoan his lack of scrapbooking a more enjoyable hobby.
Actual Sekrit Girly Shopping. No, we're not shitting you; people bought glitter.
Meeting in Rory's room wherein vampires scrapbooking Mounties Studying was discussed.
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After waking up on Friday to a worried frog, a blizzard outside, and a startling drop in temperature especially for a California boy, Xander hit the cafeteria to pick up food for the weekend, instead of venturing into town. Then there was... well, there was something, in Professor Car's class that involved Angela being a boy and Xander climbing on Lee's shirtless back and groping his whoa hi arms, but it was for art, OMG, ok?

And then there were snowmonsters... )

Luckily, someone brave and strong and oblivious to subtext finally happened past the closet on Sunday morning, after the fighting and the partying was long over, to help Xander come out, even if they did get a little messy (and cause a little property damage) in the process before heading home to the showers afterwards. (Luckingly the Best Roomie Ever had fed Jeremiah while Xander was trapped in the closet, YAYE!)

After he was all clean and shiny, Xander followed up on a note he'd found left for him by someone with girly handwriting, and headed off to Angel's room for some purely platonic totally NFB goings-on. Which had very little NOTHING to do with scrapbooking.

The End.

{OOC: *breathes omg*}
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There was Art History. It was a very small round to up. But hey, naked gods. And crazy hookers.
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{Linky, summary, already happened, 99 bottles of heard this before on the wall...}

Art History was mildly traumatizing interesting, today, despite the presence of actual work-like stuff.

Later at the Club Fair, Xander noticed a new group for people from weird hometowns, and figured what the hell. He also signed up (again) for I-Club, and picked up those vamp-related posters from Parker that they'd talked about at yesterday's meeting.

Afterwards, he headed into town to put some up.
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{Linky, historical, SSDD, OOC comments fine.}

History of Art, in which somebody gave birth to a horse. But not in class.

Yeah, I Xander's got nothin'. Tuesday? Not a busy day.
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{Linky, already happened. Not for RP, but Cafe OOC is always open}

History of Art class. There was drawing! And posing! WTF? Somehow Xander had thought the history class wouldn't involve showing off his amazing stick-figure designs to the world. But he didn't actually have get to do any drawing himself, due to his partner not being in class. Luckily, the Prof said it'd be okay to make it up so he'd have to track Angela down before next Friday.

And then there was a dance. Where he eulogized the gremlins, talked with Molly about spiders and with Bridge about dropping his pants.



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