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He was trying to make sure that every minute he had left in Fandom this summer counted. Xander had the feeling someone like Willow wouldn't see it that way, because she'd be trying to cram every possible experience known to humankind into this last month, but... he was good with small and slow and relaxed, so when he remembered this, he'd remember loving it.

So food and fun in the fake snow, a comfortingly familiar dinner in an unfamiliar place, drinking games, making a rare trip to Caritas by himself when Bridge hadn't been feeling well, spending time on the beach with Rory, Callisto and Bridge, teaching his workshop, hanging out in the Common Rooms, playing carnival games and riding the Ferris Wheel with Bridge... It was as close to just right as anything with 'this last month' involved in its description was ever going to be. Not ever enough, but... right.

[*And no mental wherewithal to turn it into an e-mail, so yay lazy narration. Not open for interaction as he's about to wander off to the Common Room.]

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Dear Willow )

After sending off what felt like a really damn long e-mail to Willow, Xander checked his inbox and found one from Krycek and Jake, at which he grinned and immediately replied.

Then he went back to sitting on the foot of his bed, staring at the couple of bags he'd packed for the cabins, out of boxes that he hadn't even completely unpacked, trying to decide if there was anything else he could or should shove into them before they exploded.
{The door is open to all like an open to all thing. Yeeah notsomuch now. ;-)}
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So there was Shop in which pumpkin chucking, and Creature Lang in which Jake....did things... to coffee, and then there was lunch at the pond with Isabel, Callisto, and Bridge, and then there was a review session in Magical Theory and yay party.

And then, much later, Xander listened to the radio.

And then there was e-mail:

Subject: What I Said Last Night

[link to podcast]

I'm just sayin'.

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Art History featured sharing of flags and teasinating of Rory with a side-order of backdrop-painting.

Music -- which Xander is not in, so he was not there, saw an appearance by the elusive Twinkie-thief. And some people in leather pants (and skirt yay go Ninja Vin Diesel). This is a complete coincidence. And also Xander was not there.

He was in the common room just long enough to follow Rory and a bunch of other people off to Bridge's place for a game of I Never. Which he totally won. Not because he was the last person to pass out, but because he was smart enough not to touch the spacevodka, and that so counts as winninating in Xander's book.

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History of Art was attendinated. There were dementedated nuns. In the lobby, Diefenbaker was giftinated. Also some guy with a hat was there. In the 2nd floor Common room , Callisto, Peter, Parker who is not Peter, Bridge, Rory and Jaye were talkinated to. Rory and Jaye were blaminated for the inateding. Rory might not have entirely deservinated it, but then again, she showinated Xander pictures of Aye-Aye John a demon from hell on her cellphone, so maybe she did.

The passive voice was useinated.

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Things that are almost emo, but that would be ridiculous: In Xander's dresser drawer, there's an envelope hiding underneath his collection of mateless socks. Xander doesn't know what's in it; he walked out of Angel's clinic room with a folded-up note and after twenty seconds standing on the sidewalk outside the clinic, twitching it back and forth in his fingers, resisting the uge to look, he walked straight into the Fandom Post Office, bought a blank envelope, stuffed the note inside, sealed it, and with a borrowed pen, wrote "BUFFY" on the front. Maybe someday he'll open it, once he knows it isn't needed, or maybe he'll just burn the thing. It's a little disturbing how much he really hopes he gets to make that call.

Things that are not emo at all: The 2nd floor common room. Chinese food. Plotting against Ms. Skeeter. Being laughed at by Callistieo. Superpowers. Jaye. Pirates. Ninjas.
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Subject: re: Yay I'm In England Also HELP

Dear Willow )

Xander stopped typing for a moment, unzipped his suitcase, and dug into the pocket of yesterday's jeans for Willow's card; good thing he'd remembered or it probably would've gone through the wash. He unfolded it--

--and was, OMG, hugged. As real and solid as if someone were actually grabbing him: the feel of slender arms around him that packed a surprising amount of breath-stealing oomph, the scent of Suave green apple shampoo under his nose and smooth, soft hair tickling his chin as a head was laid against his shoulder for an all-too-brief moment, before there was nothing. He tried folding the card up and unfolding it again, but apparently it was a one-time only deal. Dam--



    possibly murdering you in a loving way,


Mar. 4th, 2006 02:54 pm
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Xander didn't get a lot of sleep after hitting Jake and Logan's party last night, but he still managed to drag himself down to the front gates the next day to sign-in
and leave for the trip to England. After a surprisingly short but bumpy bus ride, he checked in to the fancy-liek-whoa hotel, then headed off to dinner with Rory, Marty, Angela, Parker, Jaye, and Zero, followed up by a trip to the London Eye, wherein there was far too much discussion of -- quell your shock -- boykissing.
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{In completely unexciting form...}

Magical Theory.
E-Mail from Veronica re Logan's Birthday party on Friday.
First rehearsal of a Midsummer Night's WTF.
Oh look listen: Radio
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Thanks to the Common Room, Xander and his tv-modding powers?

So totally very much busticated. But somehow he came out of it smelling like an emperor, so inexplicably cheerful mood? Still pretty much in place.

Also, Bridge seems to have provided evidence that Xander has a brain, which is kinda nifty.
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In the art studio, Xander signed in using an attached hand, and-- whoa. Girlkissy.

Later, in the Common room, Xander was finally clued in to the fact that he is the possessed TV. Of course, so was Parker. Clued in, not a TV. Also? OMGWTFPolysyllabic!
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In Creature Languages, Xander made unmanly noises at kitten!Zero, thanked her for saving him and Logan from Special Collections, and translated a song very, very badly. With killer bees.

Later, in the Common Room, Jaye was jumping a lot, defeated Xander with unfair Earth Logic on the subject of the Undiscovered Boykissy Room, and eventually fell on him. As you do. Meanwhile Angela congratulated him about the play, because irony is ironic that way, Callisto commiserated, and Blair... bounced. Was there really a question about how that sentence was going to end?
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Room 406, with deep dedication to an art project. For Shop.
Newspaper, with pertinent, if incomplete, Mountie-information.
Shop class, with KABOOM!
Dewey's office, with annoying note.
Dream's office, with lack of good news.
Jack's poster, with anticlimactic information.
Magical Theory, with the Salem Witch Trials.
2nd floor common room, with possessed TV, random dismemberment and - relax and take a deep breath, because this might come as a bit of a shock around here, but -- boykissing.

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Dear Mom and Dad: today I got my missing clothes back and pictured Jake Gavin in a cheerleading outfit, wore John Crichton and got detention for sharing him with Ms. Skeeter, totally had a catfight with Rory Gilmore over a hot Mountie except not because that would be weird and make Dad nod knowingly and say he always knew it which would be one of the 4,000 reasons I'm never actually mailing this letter, took a mid-term in Art History and haven't written a word of it yet, ZOMG, did not tell Angela Chase a fart joke but did almost tell the one about Really Strong Guy Who Can Fly mistaking Unseeable Guy for Bitterwoman, did inform Jaye Tyler that she's abnormal to her everlasting shock, and was informed by Parker who has no first name because I enjoy existing, that I'm an asshat. No, sorry, a bottom. No, sorry, the Bottom. I might be needing to murderize Jake Gavin, cheerleading uniform or not; if so, don't worry. I won't call you for bail money.

Yeah, my life's not complicated.

Hey, if you happen to see a giant snake around town? You're not imagining it; drive the other way.




Dear Willow: Hey. Remember that shared nightmare about ever having to go on a stage again? Guess what...

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Sleepy OMG
Shop, where Xander made something really complex and awesome a spice-rack.
Magical Theory. Pop quiz! Woe!
Lunch. With pie! And People.
Home again home again to deliver a present to his roomie, and discover there's been Darla action. :-o
The burninated 2nd floor common room, where Xander did not play porn on his laptop for the assembled multitudes and/or Jaye. Two twinkies say it never happened.
See? Radio says it never happened.
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{Linky, historical, yadda yadda frogcakes, OOC comments fine.}

Shop Class.

Creature Languages Class.

Magical Theory.

In the evening, Xander left a voicemail for Angela about making up their Art History studio assignment, then met her in the 4th floor common room for stick-figures sketching. He also talked to Jaye about repression, bosoms, and Joaquin Phoenix. Or, um. Something like that?


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