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Subject: Chock Full O' Details

Pick one. Heck, pick two. Mix n' match. )


Subject: re: Chock Full O' Details suck. No fair telling before I poke!


Subject: re: Chock Full O' Details

*wins, muahaha*



Apr. 10th, 2006 11:41 pm
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Shop = tree
Creature Languages = lobster
Magical Theory = quiz
Common room = land of somebody's Oedipus complex, but... Xander's not sure whose
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History of Art wherein there is something resembling a conversation with Krycek.


Shop, wherein there is lockpicking.
Magical Theory, wherein OMGWTF, MacBeth?
Kissy election results , wherein, well, kissy.


Creature Languages wherein there is Lobster Rod Rock.

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After scanning an E-mail from Jenny about a dream interpretation project for class, Xander headed off to grab some breakfast in town, but he stopped by the gym first to see if maybe his roomie had borrowed those missing clothes for some reason. In town, he finally had the chance to say hello to Giles. Later, speaking of finallies, Xander finally attended a meeting of the Weird Hometown Support Group.
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Art Studio, in which decorations for the big Valentine's Day dance were made. You know the Valentine's Day that Xander already decided should really be Just Another Day? Ah well; stick figure people need love too, as Barbossa pointed out.

E-mail from Mac (Gyver, not the other one) in which Xander was invited to blow things up. Because sometimes Fandom is a good place to live.

Jenny's office hours, a time of much joy and celebration. No, really. Totally and seriously relieved. *frets, avoids human contact for the next day*
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Traditionally? Not the best day for Xander Harris. Not that he was feeling bitter or emo or in any way cribbing from his ex, because that would require reading her bitter emo mind, and Xander lacked that power.. Ms. Calendar had done a fine job of reminding him exactly why, yesterday - which hit he'd taken like a very manly man, because yeah. Stupid and Xander are intimately acquainted, and not in the way that means you leave a scarf tied around the door handle to warn your roomie that you and Stupid are gettin' down to some funky scrapbookin' in the room, and she might wanna hit the Common Room for a while. A couple floors away.

Which... sounded like not that bad of an idea, if he actually didn't want to get bitter and emo about his current lack of a partner for any art projects besides the ones in Professor Car's class. Xander shook his head, grabbed his present from the roomie and, after a thoughtful glance at his desk, Jeremiah's tank-handle.

"Come on, pal. Let's go hang out with the other losers. Not that I need cheering up, but you look like you could use the company. You're kinda shading toward indigo there."

Granted, that might've been the result of that last can of amphibi-sticks with the funny black label that said 'Made in Ry'leh, contents may arise from the sunken depths and herald the return of the Great Old Ones. Get a free shub-niggurathling with three proofs of purchase and the soul of your firstborn tadpole.' Or not.

Together, they headed for the 2nd floor Common Room.
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ZOMG! Can it be? Is there such a thing as twinkie overload? (406, after lunch)
History of Art (studio) (5th and 6th period)
This might be a commando raid, yes. Of a sort. (Music 201, 7th period. Which Xander? Is not in.)
ZOMG! Apparently, it can be. News at 11: Xander Harris buys something with no added sugar. With a little help from his friends. (2nd floor common room, after classes)
Jenny Calendar's office hours (Just afterwards. See, Xander had this idea....)
Why oh why does everything in this school turn to boykissing or the talk thereof? (common room, later that evening)
Why oh why didn't Xander go home and cuddle with his frog when he had the chance? (Rory's room, directly after)
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{NFB and locked, because it's mostly a link post, with a bit of Xander listening to his unheard voicemails, then he's outta here}

"Hey, frog-face," Xander said to Jeremiah as he came in.

Xander peeled off his dry, but still coffee-scented shirt, and after taking a whiff of his t-shirt, quickly figured out that the smell had soaked through, so that one got tossed into the box he was using for a hamper as well. Switching it out for a plain white one that just read "Buttery" in hot-pink letters, and God only knew where he'd picked that one up, he headed over to drop some food of the non-wriggling type into Jeremiah's tank )

He listened through the rest of his Friday calls, from Veronica, another new kid with a thick Scottish accent, and... Han Solo talking about-- Rightokayhangingupnow Talking about something Xander couldn't remember because of a very specific and localized case of brain-ebola-avoiding amnesia. Yes.

He hung up the phone and very carefully considered the outgoing calls he'd made in response to those voicemails, and where on God's pink and fluffy earth they might have gone.

Then he considered the chance that if he dived under his bed and never ever came out again, Jeremiah would figure out a way to carry Twinkies and new issues of Really Strong Guy Who Can Fly to Xander for the next fifty years or so.

There were some flying pigs on his roomie's pajamas that were about three times as likely, he reluctantly decided. Shaking his head, he headed for the door. "I'm going out," he told Jeremiah. "To be with people who are not frogs. To demonstrate my complete coolness with the fact that I am a moron. I'll let you know how that goes. Don't perve on Isabel while I'm gone - or at least take pictures, if you do."
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{backdated, purely for linky historical purposes. NFB, since it's not actual RP, just a summary. Also filled with incredible laziness in terms of not even trying to turn it into a narrative.}

Morning in Room 406: Xander got flashed OMG!

In the afternoon, he took his new laptop into Ms. Calendar's office for a little help, and somehow ended up being offered a TA position in Magical Theory.

Later, he dropped by Caritas to leave a birthday gift for Parker.
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{backdated, purely for linky historical purposes.}

Acting on an OMG Top Secret voicemail from Logan, Xander met him in the Library for a Totally Legitimate Research Project In The Porn Section Of Special Collections which is still being slowplayed la la la the adventure continues OMG OVER!.

Sometime after they finally escaped, Xander discovered presents from Ms. Calendar -- and like the very occasionally quick-thinking guy he is, dropped off one in return.


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