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He'd found the package outside his door when he'd left the lobby on Friday afternoon, but the whole Shirtless Friday thing had kind of distracted Xander from a lot of stuff. Like unpacking half the boxes still scattered around his new room, or doing more than setting the wrapped package on his desk next to Jeremiah's tank.

Now, though, after sprinkling some dried don't-really-wanna-think-about-what-it-used-to-be into Jeremiah's tank, Xander reached for the flat, paper-wrapped package, and, after checking for anything obvious that looked like it might turn him blue or change him into a marmoset, pulled the paper off. Within was a framed manuscript page. )

...allergies, man. Totally allergies that made him sniff as he dug into the hardware box that he hadn't yet unpacked into a desk drawer, and found a set of dorm-safe adhesive frame hangers.

After that, though he'd planned on doing some more unpacking, Xander smiled, sat down at his desk, and typed out an e-mail: )

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[aka Linkdrop of Ultimate Lazy, because zomg threads on threads, and am not attempting to weave this into an e-mail or IC format.]

Graduation (Monday the 8th)

Xander was most likely to what? ...Okayfairenoughpossibly. Meanwhile, whoa, Spydaddy Principal Bristow was out in the audience. So was Willow , of course, talking to Isabel, Bridge, some alien-or-demon-guy who kept pointing at Ivanova, and, Xander was fairly sure he should be worried about this, Parker. Oh yeah, there was also some processing, diploma-accepting, giant-gremlin-fighting and partying. As you do. At graduations.

Welcome Party (Tuesday the 9th)

After picking up his new first floor room assignment, Xander ended up meeting someone who said she was Buffy's sister, and breaking his principal-streak, letting Rory know what he knew about her and you-know-who except not that you-know-who, and meeting Bridge's new fellow SPD cadet. And breaking her brain.


Apr. 12th, 2006 11:55 pm
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Things What Happened To Xander

Shop with...trees.
Common Room with...slime. And facepalming.

Thing What Should Be Making Xander's Ears Burn (but aren't, because not psychic omg)

Something tasteful in the school paper...
Journalistic Integrity includes stalking, yay. Or not.
Whaddya know, someone's dreaming again.

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Subject: Helloooooooo...

Dear Mr. Noncommunicaty: What's up? Did your friends get any use out of the stuff I sent you on Rita Skeeter? How are those classes you're so very much more than passing, pardon me while I point and laugh1? Have you licked the frog this week? Inquiring minds want to know.

Love, Willow

1 P.S. In a loving way, of course OMG! And have I mentioned SATs recently? In the last five minutes, hmm?

Dear Willow: )
Dear Xander: )
Dear Willow: )


Mar. 4th, 2006 02:54 pm
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Xander didn't get a lot of sleep after hitting Jake and Logan's party last night, but he still managed to drag himself down to the front gates the next day to sign-in
and leave for the trip to England. After a surprisingly short but bumpy bus ride, he checked in to the fancy-liek-whoa hotel, then headed off to dinner with Rory, Marty, Angela, Parker, Jaye, and Zero, followed up by a trip to the London Eye, wherein there was far too much discussion of -- quell your shock -- boykissing.
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{In completely unexciting form...}

Magical Theory.
E-Mail from Veronica re Logan's Birthday party on Friday.
First rehearsal of a Midsummer Night's WTF.
Oh look listen: Radio
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It hadn't exactly been an eventful day; his only class was Art History and that had been a blow-off movie hour with the crazy nun again. The crazy art nun, not the crazy sex-tips nun, although they looked disturbingly like they might be related. Hadn't been a bad day, either, especially not compared to ~OMG Robots Attack!~

But Xander's head was starting to ache again, and his burned finger throbbed; he really wasn't up for heading out to see whether there was anybody in the common room who didn't know about his new weird power and could be freaked out by some less than random channel flipping. Fun, but maybe later when he wasn't so tired and achey.

While he dutifully followed doctor's orders and didn't use booze to bribe the little guy with the mallet, Xander did substitute an overly-large handful of Excedrin, and a twinkie. Because caffeine and sugar? Always conducive to a restful night's sleep. They cut into the headache a bit, but not the tiredness; by the time he'd read and answered a couple e-mails from Parker, Xander was falling asleep over his laptop, and barely had time to move it off the bed before he zonked out completely.

Dream, cut so you can just say no to crack. )

And Xander smacked at his alarm clock with a muttered FRAK. He hit his burned finger on it, and followed that up with a FRELL that wasn't remotely muttered.

And it was 7 a.m., and he had to get up for Shop, and damn if he could remember what the hell he'd just dreamt. He guessed he really would just have to make something up for class today. Also, cheerful? Not so much. Though not entirely inexplicable, what with the hour and the ow.

{Dream people utterly modded without their permission, OMG.}

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{backdated, purely for linky historical purposes. NFB, since it's not actual RP, just a summary.}

After receiving an e-mail from Logan, Xander hit the Senior class meeting, where he managed to piss off Angel without even trying hard. He wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing. Later, he came back to the dorm with doughnuts to share with his new roommate, and noticed that a) she had some seasoning issues, and b) she must save a hell of a lot on dry-cleaning.
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After returning from registration and helping himself happily to some of the pretzels Isabel had left out for him -- and eyeing the Tabasco sauce warily but not touching it -- Xander checked his voicemail.

And stopped after hearing the first one. Then he replayed it. Several times. If there were anyone in the room besides Jeremiah, they'd have seen his face go through an amazing variation of expressions, from confused to -- very briefly -- contemplative, to completely freaked out.

Then, before his brain had really re-engaged, he picked up the phone and thought he called Marty back.

When he'd slammed the phone down from that experience, and buried his head in his hands for a few moments, he looked up to see Jeremiah watching him intently. "What?" he asked, his face still rather pale.


"Yes, I know I was in complete spaz-out mode, thank you. Wouldn't you be? Or do you get a lot of ferret-sex offers from other boy frogs? Assuming you're actually a boy, and no, I'm not checking right now; one of us might get the wrong idea, judging by how today is going."

Sighing, he picked up the phone, intending to call Marty back and try to sound like less of a closet basket case. Or possibly hang up in a panic when the machine picked up; he'd burn that bridge when he got to it. Except he never got to it, because he heard the skip in the dial tone indicating there were more voicemails.

After letting the second one play, the idea of sex with Marty was suddenly saved for his private gentleman's time in the shower not the biggest issue on his mind. He quickly called Parker or not to let her know what he'd heard.

The third message just made him giggle hysterically and not remotely suspect that the others had been wrong numbers, though that might have been residual WTF-overflow from the first two.

But wait, there's more! [Phale, Cordy, Janet, and Logan] )
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{backdated, purely for linky historical purposes.}

Acting on an OMG Top Secret voicemail from Logan, Xander met him in the Library for a Totally Legitimate Research Project In The Porn Section Of Special Collections which is still being slowplayed la la la the adventure continues OMG OVER!.

Sometime after they finally escaped, Xander discovered presents from Ms. Calendar -- and like the very occasionally quick-thinking guy he is, dropped off one in return.
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{backdated, purely for linky historical purposes.}

After hitting Study Hall and Journalism (where the topic of the day was a very ironic 'punctuality,' Xander headed back to his room to work on his final interview project for Journalism, and wait for Veronica to show up and interview him.

Also somewhere on campus, there were goings-on between Logan Echolls and a certain now-missing wrestling coach, wherein Xander's name might also have been taken in vain. But those wouldn't be of interest to anybody, because they're totally legit goings-on. For a class that they don't have.
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Wherein Xander wakes up to news that Angelus is suspected in the murder of Kitty Pryde, then later comes back to 406 to find Logan and Callisto having an equilibrium malfunction on his bed.
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Photoshoot of doom for Just Say Yes to Vampires project, wherein Logan is a bunny, Parker vomits blood, Xander Doesn't Look at a nekkid non-bunny, and there is early anti-Angelus bonding with Parker.
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{private, locked in-character to Xander, aka link-summary}

Played the two truths and a lie game in Journalism today. Still feel kind of screwed on the guessing, since living in Sunnydale tends to make you automatically assume the weird ones are true.

Got paired up with the spokesguy for Every Day Is Talk Like A Pirate Day in Music class. Wackiness will undoubtedly ensue.

Logan and I met up with Professor The Tick to get our faculty endorsement for the Journalism project - you know, the one where we wave a fond farewell to sanity in the name of getting a good grade?

And I finally got to meet Tara, at the Sunnydale reunion dinner. Faith, Anya, and the roomie showed, but no Willow or Buffy - or Oz. Can understand why Buff wouldn't want to hang out with Angelus, though. And hey, whaddya know, Xander saves the world! Um. Somewhere. Where I was not. Or haven't been yet. Or something. Still, not bad; maybe bringing Buffy back from the non-breathing wasn't just a one-time thing fluke.
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We screwed around with magic balls used these weird orb thingies in Magic class today. Chiana got stuck in her dream and really freaked out. Note to self: avoid weird orb thingies that show you your worst nightmares. Only bad can come of this.

In Journalism, we got to ask Spider questions and then make up a headline based on what he told us. Note to self #2: do not get caught be spreading untrue gossip around.


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