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The cheerleading statue in the case next to Xander was staring at him... )


[OOC: No, I didn't make Parker write this with me either. I did draft [ profile] lilpunkinbelly to fight by Xander's side, though, for which I squish her. Cut for length, images, spoiler, and more length. OOC comments both loved and feared. ]

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Pack a bag, Buffy had told him. )
[OOC: preplayed with much thanks to [ profile] mparker17. IC interaction c'est impossible; OOC is welcome.]
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This whole 'get some sleep' thing was easier said than done, Xander decided, but then, that was hospitals for you. Not that they hadn't hooked him up with the good drugs, he'd give 'em that, but the problem was they were just good enough that when he did close his eyes and drift off, everything bloomed again in color and light behind the lids )
[OOC: Cut for length, wrongmeanevil icons, and That Bad Thing That Happens To Xander. Preplayed with the fabu [ profile] mparker17. Comments AOK, beating me with sticks frowned upon. Um. Happy Birthday, Bridge? *runs*]
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Date: February 18th, 2003
Subject: re: re: re: Hi!

Dear Isabel )

Dear Dawn: )
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5 times Xander and Faith surprised each other Dirty )

[OOC: NWS, if only in an implicit manner. And no, I did not make Parker write that with me. :-P]
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January 28th, 2003

Usually if Xander was going to sneak off by himself -- not that he was the king of sneak these days since a) cellphone and b) everybody who needed to know knew where he was hiding -- he'd take his laptop and hit the Espresso Pump. Free wireless, all the coffee-flavored sugar he could suck down, and the open-air cafe thing gave him a front-row seat for keeping an eye on the stuff he really wasn't sneaking away from because hi, hellmouth. Not like you could get away from it.

But today he'd walked up to the coffee shop, taken one look inside, and with a sigh, turned right back around. Strike one hidey-hole, then. )

January 31st, 2003

"On the plus side, " Xander said... )
[Preplayed with [ profile] izzyalienqueen, Best. Roomie. Ever. OOC = AOK.]

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November 12th, 2002, evening

Patrolling a cemetery by himself would be stupid, and Xander might be dumb sometimes, but he wasn't stupid. That's why he wasn't patrolling a cemetery by himself. He was just hanging around. In a cemetery. By himself.

Okay, not really. )

November 13th, 2002, very early morning

They sat in the wreck of the Summers living room and went around the circle )

November 21st, 2002

On reflection, Xander decided a week later... )
[IC non, OOC oui. La belle [ profile] saltandammo {pause for gender confusion}, beaucoup merci.]

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Xander wasn't sure whether he wished the drive from the Summers house to the Sunnydale airport was longer, or shorter. He supposed it depended on whether he thought about the person whose plane they were meeting, or the person in the seat beside him. )

[Preplayed for great yay with [ profile] lilpunkinbelly. IC interaction not so much unless you happen to be 3.5 years ago; OOC is happyhappyjoyjoy.]


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