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Xander's already handwavily sent out e-mails letting people know his new cellphone number if they didn't have it already, and his UC Sunnydale e-mail address, and... when he's leaving. Which he finally has to say 'tomorrow morning' about instead of 'Friday' because they're one and the same.

Now... he's still packing. Posters, folders, last-minute items and just stuff he wanted to leave up for as long as possible to make the room acknowledge that for now, he still lives here. Every so often he and Bridge are taking a break to look at pictures or watch a dvd, because at this point he's on the flipside of where he was yesterday: if he packs too fast, the room'll be empty, and Xander can't quite take that, not yet.

You can't really say Jeremiah's taking a break; he'd have to have been working in the first place for that to be true. He's just going back and forth between supervising the packing and supervising the loafing.

The door is open. Xander's yearbook is on the desk next to Jeremiah, for anyone who feels like signing it.


[Open all day, or ping in tomorrow if needed since some importantomg people are unfortunately afk today. Good for slowplay until... it's done.]

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From: xander.harris@fandomhigh.ednet
Subject: Stuff You Should Know About Fandom Before You Get Here

Dear Willow: )

E-mail ahoy

May. 5th, 2006 03:03 pm
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Subject: Graduation

Dear Buffy: )
Dear Xander: )
Dear Willow, love Buffy: )
Dear Buffy, love Willow: )
Dear Willow, love Buffy: )

Subject: Graduation

> It's Monday. Can you and Giles come?


your uninvited BFF
Dear Willow: )
Dear Xander: )
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Unsent letter, written on the back of an Art History handout, in green highlighter ink. Mostly illegible, of course, but this is what Xander thinks it says:

Deer Willow: )
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Okay, so Xander only had one final, 5th & 6th period. But it was the big Art final that he gave up on studying for. Probably good, that, since it turned out that the test was to really fake steal some fake art. Xander teamed up with Jake, Angela, Bridge, and Krycek, learned things about Bridge that he did not know before and possibly never wanted to know, but possibly not and wandered over to totally steal OMG not steal The Scream. Hopefully with style.

Later in Music 201, which Xander is not in, there were shenanigans of a heist-like variety too, but Xander knows nothing about that.

Well, not much. Really. O:-)
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Only in Fandom can you have subject lines like that, dude.

Xander ducked into his room from the party, where Isabel was still presumably hanging out, and where he'd just left Bridge. He grabbed the presents he'd bought at IKEA from his closet, tapped Jeremiah's tank and said, "Stop snickering at me; I can see you rolling your eyes, you know," then headed out again, down to Bridge's room.
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Well, that's gonna give Xander a convenient reason to unload a second birthday gift on Isabel, courtesy of Shop, finally give Aeryn the thing he'd bought for her when she came back and then never really found a non-awkward way to pass on, and give Angela the present Rory had helped him pick out at IKEA. And proves he was not on crack to think that buying some foodie gift baskets for the insane amount of parties they have around here could be an idea.

Too bad it doesn't really provide an excuse for handing over the other present he bought on Sunday, but... ah well. He'll be more neurotic about that bridge when know, that metaphor is suddenly a lot less metaphorical than it used to be.


Apr. 11th, 2006 11:46 am
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Stuff What Happened to Xander:

History of Some Dude Named Art (Who may or may not be a stuntman)

Stuff What Should Be Making Xander's Ears Burn:

Nadia's dreaming again...

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Xander: *has to be threatened with cookie confiscation before he'll even tell Best. Roomie. Ever. about date...stuff. Otherwise, says nothing, even to people who already know*

Bridge: *tells, like, almost everybody*

Radio: *tells EVERYBODY*

Xander: *sighs*

(Best. Roomie. Ever. : *has nightmares, presumably not about Xander's social development issues, though you never can tell around here*)

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It's really weird to hyperventilate while randomly grinning. It kind of makes your teeth hurt.

Also you don't even notice that there's a weetiny bunny with weetiny red pipecleaner anntennae taped to its ears, hugging your ankle. And if you did, you probably wouldn't care.
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After hitting the brunch to save the Teal Deer yesterday morning and talking with Blair about environmental activism and brainsucking (as you do) and Callisto and Angela about scrapbooking (as you... well, no, you don't actually do if you don't actually want to get killinated by Angel and Marty, but talking is still pretty much okay) Xander had checked his e-mail in the afternoon to find a message about Molly's birthday. Unlike the one informing him of Jaye's party, he hadn't been busy trying to avoid going to hell when it arrived, and so was forewarned, and after some quality handwavied NPC shopping time, forearmed. Thus, presents, which sat, relatively neatly wrapped in terms of there being no visible rips in the paper except for that one that he covered pretty well with the scotch tape, yeah, on the desk next to his laptop.

Now, yawning, he puttered about the room preparing to head off for Shop.

[open for Teh Roomie yay, or for all your later 406 needs]

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Art History featured sharing of flags and teasinating of Rory with a side-order of backdrop-painting.

Music -- which Xander is not in, so he was not there, saw an appearance by the elusive Twinkie-thief. And some people in leather pants (and skirt yay go Ninja Vin Diesel). This is a complete coincidence. And also Xander was not there.

He was in the common room just long enough to follow Rory and a bunch of other people off to Bridge's place for a game of I Never. Which he totally won. Not because he was the last person to pass out, but because he was smart enough not to touch the spacevodka, and that so counts as winninating in Xander's book.


Mar. 4th, 2006 02:54 pm
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Xander didn't get a lot of sleep after hitting Jake and Logan's party last night, but he still managed to drag himself down to the front gates the next day to sign-in
and leave for the trip to England. After a surprisingly short but bumpy bus ride, he checked in to the fancy-liek-whoa hotel, then headed off to dinner with Rory, Marty, Angela, Parker, Jaye, and Zero, followed up by a trip to the London Eye, wherein there was far too much discussion of -- quell your shock -- boykissing.
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First we checkee zee E-mail, OMG, then we throwee zee paint , zen we speak wit zee bad French accent for no reason as we pack for zee trip to England, zen we sigh and admit zat we should probably buy somebody zee birthday present after all because we totally bought zee present for Logan already ZOMG, so we surf zee net. Again. We also try to changee zee channel on zee tv wit zee power of our mind and are ZOMG mildly sad when zee tv totally ignores us. :-(

{We do not RP in zee post. We just drop zee links.}
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In Creature Languages, Xander made unmanly noises at kitten!Zero, thanked her for saving him and Logan from Special Collections, and translated a song very, very badly. With killer bees.

Later, in the Common Room, Jaye was jumping a lot, defeated Xander with unfair Earth Logic on the subject of the Undiscovered Boykissy Room, and eventually fell on him. As you do. Meanwhile Angela congratulated him about the play, because irony is ironic that way, Callisto commiserated, and Blair... bounced. Was there really a question about how that sentence was going to end?
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Dear Mom and Dad: today I got my missing clothes back and pictured Jake Gavin in a cheerleading outfit, wore John Crichton and got detention for sharing him with Ms. Skeeter, totally had a catfight with Rory Gilmore over a hot Mountie except not because that would be weird and make Dad nod knowingly and say he always knew it which would be one of the 4,000 reasons I'm never actually mailing this letter, took a mid-term in Art History and haven't written a word of it yet, ZOMG, did not tell Angela Chase a fart joke but did almost tell the one about Really Strong Guy Who Can Fly mistaking Unseeable Guy for Bitterwoman, did inform Jaye Tyler that she's abnormal to her everlasting shock, and was informed by Parker who has no first name because I enjoy existing, that I'm an asshat. No, sorry, a bottom. No, sorry, the Bottom. I might be needing to murderize Jake Gavin, cheerleading uniform or not; if so, don't worry. I won't call you for bail money.

Yeah, my life's not complicated.

Hey, if you happen to see a giant snake around town? You're not imagining it; drive the other way.




Dear Willow: Hey. Remember that shared nightmare about ever having to go on a stage again? Guess what...

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Shop class, in which Xander made a statement about Valentine' Day, and so did John. Except John's involved acidic fish.
Magical Theory, in which there was open question period. Except Xander really only had the one, and he wasn't going to repeat it in class.
Aeryn is leaving which explains the acidic fish.

Xander and Jeremiah visited to say goodbye. Later, there was pet time in the common room.


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