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Wherein Xander wakes up to news that Angelus is suspected in the murder of Kitty Pryde, then later comes back to 406 to find Logan and Callisto having an equilibrium malfunction on his bed.
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The Leather Fashion Show, wherein Xander talks with Jake about which teacher they might've roped into modeling, totally doesn't look at Angelus or have a long conversation in strikeout with Beka, totally does look at Faith and totally pretends not to notice Jake spazzing out over Krycek in leather.
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The Common Room wherein Xander meets Vladdie for the first time, introduces everyone to Jeremiah, talks to Rory and Parker about Angelus (and Parker about Darla), is introduced to Anders by Cally, and... is totally in the same room as Bridge but doesn't actually speak to him.
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Photoshoot of doom for Just Say Yes to Vampires project, wherein Logan is a bunny, Parker vomits blood, Xander Doesn't Look at a nekkid non-bunny, and there is early anti-Angelus bonding with Parker.
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No Journalism class today. I totally, totally stayed and studied for the entire class period. Nodnodnod.

Got an e-mail from Broots, who lives across the hall. Headed over to his room, and though it seemed at first like he wanted to pump me shut up for information about the roomie, we somehow ended up talking about Buffy, the Invisible Woman, and dead hard drives.
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Came home after the weekend to find someone had utterly trashed the room -- but only Angelus' stuff.

.... uh. Good on ya?

And the school's banned all weapons, apparently. Which I'd probably care about if I carried any. A fact I should've learned from the exploding pants incident. In Journalism, we talked about the new gossip rag, which... not sayin' it's not a hoot, but if they underestimate the roomie... Well, it won't be my neck. Just sayin'.

In Magic, Myth, and... the M-class thing, we're supposed to be making up a myth and convincing people it's true, but... I dunno. Aside from the whole wrong concept, which admittedly I'm not always in the white area on, it seems to be the kind of thing that could piss people off if it went wrong. Got to chat with Paige, though; turns out she signed up for the class thinking the Maipulation part would be more like that floaty-pencil thing Willow does. Not so much.
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I am t3h sMrT, obviously, as I read the sign and did not drink the Journalism coffee. Also, WTF? How the hell did I get the highest score in my class? Maybe it's something to do with me being a seniorish person taking freshman level courses? there's something to be said for this "Showing up" thing after all.

Also, His Assholiness dumped flowers on my bed. I... can't tell if this is a sign of affection, or he's just bored with putting out his cigarettes there. Or possibly he set it on fire with the cigarettes, and actually was putting them out.
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Got an e-mail from Buffy, and let her in on the joyous housing news. But hey, at least she lives just across the hall.

Wrote the roomie's obituary in Journalism today; can't say that wasn't fun.

And I... totally forgot to sign in even though I read the assignment WTF was apparently really quiet in Prof. Jareth's class. I blame the goblins.
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Enrolled in Music class because it's totally an easy A dude. The teacher says dude. Constantly. Also excellent. And appears to be in a band. This is not Ms. Waldrop and her eleventh grade kazoo section here.

Also Manipulation, Myth, and Magic, because hey, it can't hurt to actually take a class in the stuff vs. just blackmailing people into casting love spells for me falling asleep over Giles' books. He's in it too, though. <sarcasm>Party on.</sarcasm>

And since we have to take at least 3 classes, enrolled in Journalism 101 for the third. Turned in the homework already, since it's a topic near and dear to my heart.

Met up with Laura Holt, who offered me a place to stay if things get too annoying unbearable with the roomie. Score! And Faith, who seems not to be from my version of Sunnydale, and who totally accused me in subtext of having the hots for Angel which I totally don't, eww makes me nervous, no matter how much 'good behavior' she's on.

Also hit the Pub, which yay, serves students, and WTF, is run by Spike. Yeah, that Spike. The evil, undead, platinum-blond one. Met Buffy's roomie too, though, so not all bad there.
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{since this turned into F2F type conversation in the comments, assume the door to Xander's room was open while he typed}

Journalism 101 homework

Just so I have a place to stash it where somebody can't get entrails on it...


Vampires do not make good roommates for humans. First, because humans are the vampire's (un)natural food source; humans do not make good roommates for a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, for the same reason. Second, because vampires are assholes, and when you point out the food thing, sneer at you and act like they'd never stoop so low as to eat you. Right. Third, because vampires are major assholes and drip blood from unidentified sources on your homework while chortling obnoxiously over it, and then you have to rewrite the last reason because you can't read the old one anymore.


Hmm. You know, I may turn that in to Ms. Connor with my request for dorm transfer...
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Ahahahaha. Or, uh...

Two other people have the livejournal interest "annoying Angel."

They, um, both seem to be Spike.
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When Giles told us they were transferring the Sunnydale High students out to other schools so whatever the Mayor was going to turn into on Graduation Day didn't have anything to chow down on? It seemed like a pretty rootin' tootin' idea. He never mentioned they meant schools in other dimensions. Then I get here, and guess who else is here? As a student. And it's not even the version I still don't trust but who at least doesn't eat choirboy and puppy omelettes for breakfast every day. It's the other one, without the soul.

And could I keep my mouth shut? Could I? Have I met me? And so, because God hates me [ profile] principalconnor thinks she's funny, 'I hate him' must = 'I need to live with him'.

If moving in is one of those little pink Baskin-Robbins tastee spoons of what's to come? I want to switch it for the double-fudge ripple, please.

Kill me now. No, not you.

On the other hand, at least I'm not the only person who gets off on annoying Angel. (Not like that. Shut up.)


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