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May. 5th, 2006 03:03 pm
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To: bsummers@pacbell.net
From: xander.harris@fandomhigh.net
Subject: Graduation

Dear Buffy: )
Dear Xander: )
Dear Willow, love Buffy: )
Dear Buffy, love Willow: )
Dear Willow, love Buffy: )

To: xander.harris@fandomhigh.net
From: willow.rosenberg@hogwarts.ac.uk
Subject: Graduation

> It's Monday. Can you and Giles come?


your uninvited BFF
Dear Willow: )
Dear Xander: )
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Xander? Totally studying for Creature Languages.

By remote viewing, obviously, since his book is on his bed, his notes are in the laptop next to his book, and he is across the room from both, using a froggie treat tied to a pencil to try to teach Jeremiah how to dance to the Movie With Kevin Bacon In It That There Just Is No Good Meta Name For That's Simultaneously A Dancing Pun And A Pun On The Real Name soundtrack.

It's possible he's lost his mind due to finals week stress, of course. Or maybe he just had a really good day yesterday. After all, he built a swing-bed for a holographic dinosaur in Shop and watched his possibly b-word person be cute, got free study time in Magical Theory which he actually used for study, omg, visited the library where he finally got a library card and made it in and out of Special Collections without having to be rescued, then totally lost at cupcakes in the Common Room, woe. Except not.

It's possible the song playing is not the title song which scans a lot better in his dimension for some reason. It's possible Xander is grinning a lot, and it's possible that every so often he is glancing around to make sure no one is watching, then demonstrating the step he's trying to teach Jeremiah.

It would probably help if the door weren't open, huh.

[ooc: *waves* Bored. The post, like the door, is open. It's set when Best Roomie Ever is in class, but iffen she wants to use it after class/gym, be my guest. And since Xander's 3rd period class is semi-cancelled, he's pretty much around all morning.]
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To: willow.rosenberg@hogwarts.ac.uk
From: xander.harris@fandomhigh.net
Subject: Chock Full O' Details

Pick one. Heck, pick two. Mix n' match. )


To: xander.harris@fandomhigh.net
From: willow.rosenberg@hogwarts.ac.uk
Subject: re: Chock Full O' Details

....you suck. No fair telling before I poke!


To: willow.rosenberg@hogwarts.ac.uk
From: xander.harris@fandomhigh.net
Subject: re: Chock Full O' Details

*wins, muahaha*

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Well, that's gonna give Xander a convenient reason to unload a second birthday gift on Isabel, courtesy of Shop, finally give Aeryn the thing he'd bought for her when she came back and then never really found a non-awkward way to pass on, and give Angela the present Rory had helped him pick out at IKEA. And proves he was not on crack to think that buying some foodie gift baskets for the insane amount of parties they have around here could be an idea.

Too bad it doesn't really provide an excuse for handing over the other present he bought on Sunday, but... ah well. He'll be more neurotic about that bridge when he...you know, that metaphor is suddenly a lot less metaphorical than it used to be.


Apr. 12th, 2006 11:55 pm
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Things What Happened To Xander

Shop with...trees.
Common Room with...slime. And facepalming.

Thing What Should Be Making Xander's Ears Burn (but aren't, because not psychic omg)

Something tasteful in the school paper...
Journalistic Integrity includes stalking, yay. Or not.
Whaddya know, someone's dreaming again.


Apr. 10th, 2006 11:41 pm
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Shop = tree
Creature Languages = lobster
Magical Theory = quiz
Common room = land of somebody's Oedipus complex, but... Xander's not sure whose
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History of Art wherein there is something resembling a conversation with Krycek.


Shop, wherein there is lockpicking.
Magical Theory, wherein OMGWTF, MacBeth?
Kissy election results , wherein, well, kissy.


Creature Languages wherein there is Lobster Rod Rock.

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After hitting the brunch to save the Teal Deer yesterday morning and talking with Blair about environmental activism and brainsucking (as you do) and Callisto and Angela about scrapbooking (as you... well, no, you don't actually do if you don't actually want to get killinated by Angel and Marty, but talking is still pretty much okay) Xander had checked his e-mail in the afternoon to find a message about Molly's birthday. Unlike the one informing him of Jaye's party, he hadn't been busy trying to avoid going to hell when it arrived, and so was forewarned, and after some quality handwavied NPC shopping time, forearmed. Thus, presents, which sat, relatively neatly wrapped in terms of there being no visible rips in the paper except for that one that he covered pretty well with the scotch tape, yeah, on the desk next to his laptop.

Now, yawning, he puttered about the room preparing to head off for Shop.

[open for Teh Roomie yay, or for all your later 406 needs]

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But, you know, a little more after classes than that other after classes over in Janet's room.

Today the Music of Pain was Ray Stevens. Who was allegedly non-depressing, and only sometimes country, and fell under the MoP umbrella only because this was Beside Myself, which had 1.5 decent songs on it, and neither of them was Butterfly Inside A Coupe DeVille which was currently playing because Xander couldn't be assed to get up and hit skip.

{Locked to zie roommate, ohyes. Contents of discussion NFB; any sudden and moody departures -- *whistles* -- fair game.}
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In Shop, Xander helped Nadia learn about the Lorax except 'help' might be the wrong verb there, made some festive flags for the castle set, and actually did help Nadia with her, um. Flingenation. Of fairy dust. Which he was still covered with when he went to Magical Theory. During which his ears were not remotely burning, because it's already been demonstrated that Xander? Sucks at psychic.

Later there was play rehearsal, and later still, in the common room there was Vanessa Saturn, which was new to Xander's time-warped eyes, plus the apparently now-requisite torture by Rory who is mean and evil and Faithful who is a cat so that's kinda redundant, discussion of temporal displacement with both Bridge and Krycek, an artistic question from Jake and the random appearance of Ninja Vin Diesel.

But not, of course, Ninja Vin Diesel's boyfriend. Because that would just be weird.
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Sunday night:

Xander hit Angel's party, was lobstered at by Nadia, invited to balance animals (but not lobsters) by Bridge and Rory, and later gave something back to Angel.


Xander built a spicerack and gave John a present while again being lobstered at, as well as passing on the paprika bloodline in Shop, watched a video in Creature Languages (and got his once-again disturbingly decent mid-term grades), and took a quiz in Magical Theory.

He totally remembered to hit the Weird Hometown Support Group for once in the afternoon, and then in the evening, there was Animal Balancinating, wherein Xander talked to Rory, shared fake birthday cake with Bridge (and commiserated on temporal displacement), told Parker about Isabel having gone home, and of course balancinated stuff. To whit, a book, Jeremiah, and Steve. No, the other Steve. Which was kind of cheating, and besides, FROG HAT, so even though Invisible Steve The Cat Who Is Not Sean Under An Assumed Name did not fall off Xander's head, he took the consolation prize, which was very consoling.

Jeremiah, meanwhile, was balancinated. A lot. For which he got treats. Some of which were locusts. Whole ones, because otherwise eww.
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Five minutes after getting back from his cancelled Shop class, Xander was sound asleep.

Almost two hours later, he was awake, rubbing his eyes, about to be late for Magical Theory, and still, as far as he could remember, hadn't dreamt one damn thing.

Sighing, he checked his e-mail only to find one about the first play rehearsal, which improved his mood no end, of course, then sat down to write up what he could remember of one of his more common recurring dreams.

Yeah, this one's a little more boring. )


Feb. 28th, 2006 12:21 am
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Dear Willow:

Robots? Create an unpleasant vacuum effect.

They also punch people, make you miss your other classes, are not vulnerable to flying twinkies unless you set them on fire (the twinkies, not the robots, though probably if you set the robots on fire they would be vulnerable to flying twinkies), cause license plates to fly at your face and hurt you, do not like it when you hold hands with other guys in a completely platonic way, jeez, are mean to your hair, are mean to John's feet, dance badly, indirectly cause situations where the strongest girl in the world accidentally hits you in the head with a boot because you are a butterfingers, threaten your little sister, and will only shut up and die already under the combined lethal force of bullets and George W. Bush..

Also? They suck.

Love, Xander.

After escaping the incredibly aptly-named-today Danger Shop, Xander went along to the Town Emergency Clinic with Pippi, Pip, Walter, Nadia, Sydney, and John, to get various OW seen to, then finally, finally came back home to 406. (Where before falling asleep he zipped off an e-mail, clearly.)

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Halfway to Shop Class, it occurred to Xander that he was supposed to have written down his dreams for the weekend so he could do that analysis for Ms. Calendar's class. Crap. He couldn't even remember what he'd been dreaming about except... short waiters in tuxedos trudging through hip-deep snow and wearing incongruous strange hats? He shook his head; that was way too weird and kinda sounded like he'd just made it up on the spot. He'd either have to really make something up, or just tell her he forgot, and turn it in late. Probably the last one; he couldn't quite picture himself faking up homework for that class.

Shrugging, he headed for the Danger Shop.
OOC note for moi-self )
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Room 406, with deep dedication to an art project. For Shop.
Newspaper, with pertinent, if incomplete, Mountie-information.
Shop class, with KABOOM!
Dewey's office, with annoying note.
Dream's office, with lack of good news.
Jack's poster, with anticlimactic information.
Magical Theory, with the Salem Witch Trials.
2nd floor common room, with possessed TV, random dismemberment and - relax and take a deep breath, because this might come as a bit of a shock around here, but -- boykissing.

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Art Studio, in which decorations for the big Valentine's Day dance were made. You know the Valentine's Day that Xander already decided should really be Just Another Day? Ah well; stick figure people need love too, as Barbossa pointed out.

E-mail from Mac (Gyver, not the other one) in which Xander was invited to blow things up. Because sometimes Fandom is a good place to live.

Jenny's office hours, a time of much joy and celebration. No, really. Totally and seriously relieved. *frets, avoids human contact for the next day*
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Shop class, in which Xander made a statement about Valentine' Day, and so did John. Except John's involved acidic fish.
Magical Theory, in which there was open question period. Except Xander really only had the one, and he wasn't going to repeat it in class.
Aeryn is leaving which explains the acidic fish.

Xander and Jeremiah visited to say goodbye. Later, there was pet time in the common room.
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Shop class wherein we learn that the best thing to pack when going camping is your little sister.
Creature Languages, wherein we ... uh. Take a quiz.
Magical Theory wherein we learn that Xander kinda sucks sometimes. Oh wait, we knew that. And Cordy is kind of awesome. Even if she does live in a hut.


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