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From: xander.harris@fandomhigh.ednet
Subject: Stuff You Should Know About Fandom Before You Get Here

Dear Willow: )
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Well, that's gonna give Xander a convenient reason to unload a second birthday gift on Isabel, courtesy of Shop, finally give Aeryn the thing he'd bought for her when she came back and then never really found a non-awkward way to pass on, and give Angela the present Rory had helped him pick out at IKEA. And proves he was not on crack to think that buying some foodie gift baskets for the insane amount of parties they have around here could be an idea.

Too bad it doesn't really provide an excuse for handing over the other present he bought on Sunday, but... ah well. He'll be more neurotic about that bridge when know, that metaphor is suddenly a lot less metaphorical than it used to be.


Apr. 12th, 2006 11:55 pm
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Things What Happened To Xander

Shop with...trees.
Common Room with...slime. And facepalming.

Thing What Should Be Making Xander's Ears Burn (but aren't, because not psychic omg)

Something tasteful in the school paper...
Journalistic Integrity includes stalking, yay. Or not.
Whaddya know, someone's dreaming again.

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Subject: Helloooooooo...

Dear Mr. Noncommunicaty: What's up? Did your friends get any use out of the stuff I sent you on Rita Skeeter? How are those classes you're so very much more than passing, pardon me while I point and laugh1? Have you licked the frog this week? Inquiring minds want to know.

Love, Willow

1 P.S. In a loving way, of course OMG! And have I mentioned SATs recently? In the last five minutes, hmm?

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Dear Xander: )
Dear Willow: )
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So there was Shop in which pumpkin chucking, and Creature Lang in which Jake....did things... to coffee, and then there was lunch at the pond with Isabel, Callisto, and Bridge, and then there was a review session in Magical Theory and yay party.

And then, much later, Xander listened to the radio.

And then there was e-mail:

Subject: What I Said Last Night

[link to podcast]

I'm just sayin'.

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Subject: re: Ms. Ahahahaha

Dear Xander )

Xander stared at the first e-mail for a few seconds as he sat at his desk, then a wide grin spread over his face. Quickly, he forwarded it to Isabel, Rory, John, Callisto, and... who else. Krycek was probably pissed at her for the same reasons Cal was, yis. Sendinate. Yay.

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Subject: Ms. Ahahahaha

Dear Willow )
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But, you know, a little more after classes than that other after classes over in Janet's room.

Today the Music of Pain was Ray Stevens. Who was allegedly non-depressing, and only sometimes country, and fell under the MoP umbrella only because this was Beside Myself, which had 1.5 decent songs on it, and neither of them was Butterfly Inside A Coupe DeVille which was currently playing because Xander couldn't be assed to get up and hit skip.

{Locked to zie roommate, ohyes. Contents of discussion NFB; any sudden and moody departures -- *whistles* -- fair game.}
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Sunday night:

Xander hit Angel's party, was lobstered at by Nadia, invited to balance animals (but not lobsters) by Bridge and Rory, and later gave something back to Angel.


Xander built a spicerack and gave John a present while again being lobstered at, as well as passing on the paprika bloodline in Shop, watched a video in Creature Languages (and got his once-again disturbingly decent mid-term grades), and took a quiz in Magical Theory.

He totally remembered to hit the Weird Hometown Support Group for once in the afternoon, and then in the evening, there was Animal Balancinating, wherein Xander talked to Rory, shared fake birthday cake with Bridge (and commiserated on temporal displacement), told Parker about Isabel having gone home, and of course balancinated stuff. To whit, a book, Jeremiah, and Steve. No, the other Steve. Which was kind of cheating, and besides, FROG HAT, so even though Invisible Steve The Cat Who Is Not Sean Under An Assumed Name did not fall off Xander's head, he took the consolation prize, which was very consoling.

Jeremiah, meanwhile, was balancinated. A lot. For which he got treats. Some of which were locusts. Whole ones, because otherwise eww.
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Things that are almost emo, but that would be ridiculous: In Xander's dresser drawer, there's an envelope hiding underneath his collection of mateless socks. Xander doesn't know what's in it; he walked out of Angel's clinic room with a folded-up note and after twenty seconds standing on the sidewalk outside the clinic, twitching it back and forth in his fingers, resisting the uge to look, he walked straight into the Fandom Post Office, bought a blank envelope, stuffed the note inside, sealed it, and with a borrowed pen, wrote "BUFFY" on the front. Maybe someday he'll open it, once he knows it isn't needed, or maybe he'll just burn the thing. It's a little disturbing how much he really hopes he gets to make that call.

Things that are not emo at all: The 2nd floor common room. Chinese food. Plotting against Ms. Skeeter. Being laughed at by Callistieo. Superpowers. Jaye. Pirates. Ninjas.

La la la...

Mar. 8th, 2006 06:51 pm
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Subject: re: Yay I'm In England Also HELP


    ...sort of?

    love from an entire dimension away and you can't get me, HA ha,

    P.S. SKEETER???
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Subject: re: Yay I'm In England Also HELP

Dear Willow )

Xander stopped typing for a moment, unzipped his suitcase, and dug into the pocket of yesterday's jeans for Willow's card; good thing he'd remembered or it probably would've gone through the wash. He unfolded it--

--and was, OMG, hugged. As real and solid as if someone were actually grabbing him: the feel of slender arms around him that packed a surprising amount of breath-stealing oomph, the scent of Suave green apple shampoo under his nose and smooth, soft hair tickling his chin as a head was laid against his shoulder for an all-too-brief moment, before there was nothing. He tried folding the card up and unfolding it again, but apparently it was a one-time only deal. Dam--



    possibly murdering you in a loving way,

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Dear Mom and Dad: today I got my missing clothes back and pictured Jake Gavin in a cheerleading outfit, wore John Crichton and got detention for sharing him with Ms. Skeeter, totally had a catfight with Rory Gilmore over a hot Mountie except not because that would be weird and make Dad nod knowingly and say he always knew it which would be one of the 4,000 reasons I'm never actually mailing this letter, took a mid-term in Art History and haven't written a word of it yet, ZOMG, did not tell Angela Chase a fart joke but did almost tell the one about Really Strong Guy Who Can Fly mistaking Unseeable Guy for Bitterwoman, did inform Jaye Tyler that she's abnormal to her everlasting shock, and was informed by Parker who has no first name because I enjoy existing, that I'm an asshat. No, sorry, a bottom. No, sorry, the Bottom. I might be needing to murderize Jake Gavin, cheerleading uniform or not; if so, don't worry. I won't call you for bail money.

Yeah, my life's not complicated.

Hey, if you happen to see a giant snake around town? You're not imagining it; drive the other way.




Dear Willow: Hey. Remember that shared nightmare about ever having to go on a stage again? Guess what...


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