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Xander's already handwavily sent out e-mails letting people know his new cellphone number if they didn't have it already, and his UC Sunnydale e-mail address, and... when he's leaving. Which he finally has to say 'tomorrow morning' about instead of 'Friday' because they're one and the same.

Now... he's still packing. Posters, folders, last-minute items and just stuff he wanted to leave up for as long as possible to make the room acknowledge that for now, he still lives here. Every so often he and Bridge are taking a break to look at pictures or watch a dvd, because at this point he's on the flipside of where he was yesterday: if he packs too fast, the room'll be empty, and Xander can't quite take that, not yet.

You can't really say Jeremiah's taking a break; he'd have to have been working in the first place for that to be true. He's just going back and forth between supervising the packing and supervising the loafing.

The door is open. Xander's yearbook is on the desk next to Jeremiah, for anyone who feels like signing it.


[Open all day, or ping in tomorrow if needed since some importantomg people are unfortunately afk today. Good for slowplay until... it's done.]

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Dear Willow )

After sending off what felt like a really damn long e-mail to Willow, Xander checked his inbox and found one from Krycek and Jake, at which he grinned and immediately replied.

Then he went back to sitting on the foot of his bed, staring at the couple of bags he'd packed for the cabins, out of boxes that he hadn't even completely unpacked, trying to decide if there was anything else he could or should shove into them before they exploded.
{The door is open to all like an open to all thing. Yeeah notsomuch now. ;-)}
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Okay, so Xander only had one final, 5th & 6th period. But it was the big Art final that he gave up on studying for. Probably good, that, since it turned out that the test was to really fake steal some fake art. Xander teamed up with Jake, Angela, Bridge, and Krycek, learned things about Bridge that he did not know before and possibly never wanted to know, but possibly not and wandered over to totally steal OMG not steal The Scream. Hopefully with style.

Later in Music 201, which Xander is not in, there were shenanigans of a heist-like variety too, but Xander knows nothing about that.

Well, not much. Really. O:-)
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Xander was heading down to the 2nd floor common room. As you do. Really he was.

And then this happened. Followed by this. And finally this.

At which point? Shower and bed seemed a hell of a lot more relaxing than the Common Room.


Apr. 12th, 2006 11:55 pm
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Things What Happened To Xander

Shop with...trees.
Common Room with...slime. And facepalming.

Thing What Should Be Making Xander's Ears Burn (but aren't, because not psychic omg)

Something tasteful in the school paper...
Journalistic Integrity includes stalking, yay. Or not.
Whaddya know, someone's dreaming again.

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History of Art wherein there is something resembling a conversation with Krycek.


Shop, wherein there is lockpicking.
Magical Theory, wherein OMGWTF, MacBeth?
Kissy election results , wherein, well, kissy.


Creature Languages wherein there is Lobster Rod Rock.

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Subject: Helloooooooo...

Dear Mr. Noncommunicaty: What's up? Did your friends get any use out of the stuff I sent you on Rita Skeeter? How are those classes you're so very much more than passing, pardon me while I point and laugh1? Have you licked the frog this week? Inquiring minds want to know.

Love, Willow

1 P.S. In a loving way, of course OMG! And have I mentioned SATs recently? In the last five minutes, hmm?

Dear Willow: )
Dear Xander: )
Dear Willow: )
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Subject: re: Ms. Ahahahaha

Dear Xander )

Xander stared at the first e-mail for a few seconds as he sat at his desk, then a wide grin spread over his face. Quickly, he forwarded it to Isabel, Rory, John, Callisto, and... who else. Krycek was probably pissed at her for the same reasons Cal was, yis. Sendinate. Yay.

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In Shop, Xander helped Nadia learn about the Lorax except 'help' might be the wrong verb there, made some festive flags for the castle set, and actually did help Nadia with her, um. Flingenation. Of fairy dust. Which he was still covered with when he went to Magical Theory. During which his ears were not remotely burning, because it's already been demonstrated that Xander? Sucks at psychic.

Later there was play rehearsal, and later still, in the common room there was Vanessa Saturn, which was new to Xander's time-warped eyes, plus the apparently now-requisite torture by Rory who is mean and evil and Faithful who is a cat so that's kinda redundant, discussion of temporal displacement with both Bridge and Krycek, an artistic question from Jake and the random appearance of Ninja Vin Diesel.

But not, of course, Ninja Vin Diesel's boyfriend. Because that would just be weird.
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It hadn't exactly been an eventful day; his only class was Art History and that had been a blow-off movie hour with the crazy nun again. The crazy art nun, not the crazy sex-tips nun, although they looked disturbingly like they might be related. Hadn't been a bad day, either, especially not compared to ~OMG Robots Attack!~

But Xander's head was starting to ache again, and his burned finger throbbed; he really wasn't up for heading out to see whether there was anybody in the common room who didn't know about his new weird power and could be freaked out by some less than random channel flipping. Fun, but maybe later when he wasn't so tired and achey.

While he dutifully followed doctor's orders and didn't use booze to bribe the little guy with the mallet, Xander did substitute an overly-large handful of Excedrin, and a twinkie. Because caffeine and sugar? Always conducive to a restful night's sleep. They cut into the headache a bit, but not the tiredness; by the time he'd read and answered a couple e-mails from Parker, Xander was falling asleep over his laptop, and barely had time to move it off the bed before he zonked out completely.

Dream, cut so you can just say no to crack. )

And Xander smacked at his alarm clock with a muttered FRAK. He hit his burned finger on it, and followed that up with a FRELL that wasn't remotely muttered.

And it was 7 a.m., and he had to get up for Shop, and damn if he could remember what the hell he'd just dreamt. He guessed he really would just have to make something up for class today. Also, cheerful? Not so much. Though not entirely inexplicable, what with the hour and the ow.

{Dream people utterly modded without their permission, OMG.}

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Within, there was a Xander. Who was sort of awake. In that 'sitting at the desk, staring at your Art History book and not really seeing anything, even the Naked Venus On the Half-Shell centerfold in the Early Renaissance section you just flipped through yet again' way.

There could be coffee, but that would require movement.
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Xander, after a long nap in his own bed, emerged from the shower a little more awake, if not less braindead. Certainly cleaner, at least, and a toothbrush and some minty-somethingorother took care of the remains of the funeral party in his mouth, even if the construction was still proceeding loudly in his skull.

He came out of the bathroom in clean clothes to find Isabel had taken off to set up for her game night party, and headed for his desk to see if he couldn't find another handful of Excedrin to file that final cease and desist order for the noisy carpenters.

{ooc - for Parker; conversation NFB, though the fact that she was there is fair game.}
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Subject: re: re: Catching up, etc.

Dear Willow:

delete key
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Hey, it was quiet up there, at least outside Xander's head, and he wasn't in the mood to sleep. Twinkies might eat him.

Subject: Catching up on my So Called alleged life

Dear Willow )
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Xander ( slammed out of his room ) carrying a whiteboard and a black dry-erase marker under his arm, heading for... well... anywhere away from there. Anywhere that hopefully contained no singing.

He may have looked a little odd, what with the large piece of duct tape over his mouth.

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The Leather Fashion Show, wherein Xander talks with Jake about which teacher they might've roped into modeling, totally doesn't look at Angelus or have a long conversation in strikeout with Beka, totally does look at Faith and totally pretends not to notice Jake spazzing out over Krycek in leather.


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